General Condition of Sales


The risk of loss or damage to the goods will be transferred to the purchaser at delivery. Ownership of the goods that are subject the contract will pertain exclusively to the supplier until payment in full of the amount by the purchaser. In the event that there is any overdue payment on purchasers account, the supplier has the right to suspend or cancel the new shipment until all the overdue payment is cleared. The invoice shall be issued according to the quantity in the return receipt issued by the supplier. The purchaser shall pay the full amount on time. The purchaser shall not deduct any amount from the payment for claims, shipment delays, transport, quality, etc., except where the compensation has been expressly agreed in writing by the supplier.

Warranty and Liability

Supplier assures the goods comply with the official specification declared or any other specification mutually agreed. Supplier has right to refuse any claim regarding defect or short supply, unless purchaser claims to supplier in writing within 14 days after shipment receipt. Any warranty or liability of SELLER with regard to loss or damages in connection with the delivery or use of PRODUCT shall be limited to the purchase price of the quantity of PRODUCT which is the subject of the Claim. Supplier under no circumstances shall be liable to Purchaser for any incidental, consequential, special, exemplary, or punitive damages to any person or property. In addition, with regard to non complying Products Claims, Purchaser’s exclusive remedy and Supplier’s total liability to Purchaser is expressly limited as follows:  Purchaser has the option of (i) replacement of or (ii) credit of the purchase price paid for, the Products supplied with respect to which damages are claimed.  Purchaser hereby expressly waives all other claims by Purchaser against Supplier.

Use of Trademark

The SNF’s trademarks under which SNF Products are sold remain SNF exclusive property. They may not be used in any shape or form without SNF due authorization.

Force Majeure

The Supplier shall not be held responsible for late delivery or non-delivery of goods due to generally recognized “force majeure” causes.  However, in such cases, the Supplier shall immediately inform the Purchaser the incident and dispatch the relevant certificate issued by the government authorities or chamber of commerce of the country in which the incident occurred.


Any dispute in connection with contract or the execution thereof shall be settled through friendly negotiations between two parties. If failed, the dispute shall be submitted to local court.